One of the most effective ways to learn English in Singapore is writing. Many people still find writing in English a struggle and challenge. Because of that, it is becoming an effective way to improve. An essay is a piece of writing students may have probably encountered. This written piece serves to convince readers or people of something or can also be for informing them about a specific topic. Writing essays can give you an overwhelming feeling because, for one, you do not know where to start. As early as you can, take a creative writing class for kidsto help you learn the fundamentals of effective writing.

If your goal is to improve your essay writing skills in Singapore, you are in the right place! Here are some simple yet effective techniques to help you improve your written English, impress readers with your skills, and write compelling, strong, and structured pieces.


First things first! To master essay writing in Singapore,you must learn the core components of what makes an essay an essay. Make a rough outline highlighting your main points, topics, and primary subject. Next, organise it in the order you want your readers to read. To help you with creating the outline, here are the three main elements of an essay.


If you are studying in an English language school in Singapore, you probably already know the standard rule in academic writing. Always begin your written piece with an introduction. Here, you can introduce what your essay is all about, a brief description of your message, and a few statements to catch your readers’ attention.


The body is the central and core element of your essay. The body is where your present idea, pieces of evidence, give examples, explain your core arguments and analysis, and claims. For a strong and compelling essay writing in Singapore, your body must be able to relay the message and sufficient details about your topic.


The last section of your essay is the conclusion. Basically, this is where you sum up everything that your piece tackled. Restate your arguments and recap some statements to remind the readers of your original intention and motive. You can also have opinions and points of view on the conclusion.


Now that you know the three cardinal elements of essay writing in Singapore, you can start with your first draft. When writing this, do not be afraid to start wherever you want. If beginning with the body works best for you, write the section you find most manageable first. Your goals in the initial draft should be to develop your points, rough ideas, and outline into workable arguments. Also, remember that your outline is not set in stone yet. If you think the first draft seems weak, do not be afraid to change the topic, arguments, or organisation of points.




When writing a particular section, try to tackle one idea at a time. If you want to learn and write English well in Singapore,you must know how to communicate effectively. One way to do this is to be clear and concise with each point and elaborate on it in one paragraph afterwards. It can help readers understand your essay better and give them a clearer view of your message. If an idea suddenly pops in your mind, jot it down in your outline and add it to another paragraph after.


In the entire process of essay writing in Singapore, you may find some ideas in your paragraphs that do not work with your piece and other arguments. Instead of eliminating and removing these paragraphs, revise some sections and change some sentences to fit your topic and outline. If, by any chance, it really does not make sense, do not worry! You will gather new ideas while writing other areas, list these points, input them in your outline, and incorporate them into your paper.




Aside from the standard rule of introduction, another fundamental thing you will learn from an English language school in Singapore is the gathering of sources. Remember to collect as many reliable references as possible and keep track of these sources. You can place your links in a word file or notebook. If you utilise a book, consider placing bookmarks on the essential pages. Through these simple ways, you can save yourself some time. When writing essays, it is crucial to cite references and avoid plagiarism. You can prevent these two by using a citation generator online or manually providing appropriate credit for your source, including the author, date, title, page and volume number of the book.


Another tip to remember is to be critical, logical, and rational with your arguments. Identify any points in your essay that may develop into potential weak points. Immediately revise these issues and provide supporting arguments. If you want a well-structured, strong, and persuasive essay writing in Singapore, avoid unjustified and unproven assumptions, lack of evidence to back up your claims, irrational consistencies, contradicting points, and uncertainty.


One final tip is to evaluate how each paragraph and point fit together. Draw a clear and concise connection between each idea and ensure that each sentence relates to the entire section and that each paragraph connects with one another. Ensure your essay writing piece in Singapore has a clear message and is readable to your readers.




In order to unquestionably convince your reader or be able to provide adequate information, you must know how to write strong essays efficiently. The best solutions for that are to utilise the seven tips listed above or enrol in an English language school in Singapore.You will need to write numerous essays and deal with deadlines as you advance to high school and college. Remember that the cardinal skill for essay writing is learning to structure the entire piece well. With this in mind and a template for the essay structure in hand (or maybe your desktop computer or laptop!), you can focus on what really matters, the message. Your essay should be able to relay a strong message and argument and should contain pieces of evidence to support them. That way, you can convince, inform, and impress your readers.

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