So you must have cleared your 10th grade and must have taken science after getting influenced by your parents. Right? You might be given a classic stereotype dialogue which is still being used by our beloved parents “BETA SCIENCE LELO, USME BAHUT SCOPE HAI” (Take science kid, there is much scope there).

You made the decision and now are pursuing science. Now you might find yourself in a situation where you’ll ask your doubts and who’ll help you. As the exam is near, there are ample exam doubts that would bother you as it might impact your academic performance and you might get scolded by your parents for poor performance. So it would bother you a lot and you would be in a helpless situation.

Don’t worry you have a saviour nearby you. The one which got you blamed for everything you do in your life. Every problem in your life is caused by it and all you get is criticism for using it. Got it? No, I will tell you it’s your “Phone”. Yes! It is your phone till now it has been a reason you got into trouble, for now, it will be your saviour. All you need to do is download an examination app from the app store or play store. The name is Kunduz. It helps you to clear all your doubts. So no need to worry and keep on asking various people to help you clear your doubts.

So let’s say you have doubts about biology. Kunduz will help you to clear all your biology doubts. So now you must be wondering how it works and how soon my doubts will get cleared or do they have experts?

So here all you need to do is post your doubts in the app and an expert will get back to you in less than 15 minutes. Hence you don’t have to wait any longer to get your doubts cleared. They have experts in every field to answer all your doubts and they’ll solve them as soon as possible.

So now you must be wondering only one subject? No, this app covers most of the subjects. This app is also the best app for JEE Mains, NEET, NCERT, and many other competitive exams. So it doesn’t clear only one subject but it will also help in clearing all your maths doubts and the experts are available for you 24*7. So now you can ask your doubts about any subject. Kunduz, a maths doubt solution app is one of the best doubt solving apps. It also has a feature where you can practice questions. Hence it will help you gain more confidence & knowledge.

So download the Kunduz app and turn your phone into your saviour in this difficult time.


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