Being a single mother is a lot harder than I expected. After my husband died because of lung cancer, there were barely enough savings for us. Even though I am still grieving our loss, I had to strengthen myself for my child. I looked for a job and signed up my child at a learning centre in Singapore. I had to since I could no longer teach them myself while juggling the household chores and work.

What Is A Learning Centre in Singapore?

It is a facility where children can take extra classes to hone their knowledge and skills. Most of the teachers there specialise in various subjects teaching at a learning centre, which will help children grasp the lessons and gain an advantage over their schoolmates.

Why Should You Send A Child To A Leaning Centre In Singapore?

I only found out about the existence of a learning centre when one of my new colleagues heard about my current situation. ‘My child used to attend their science tuition classes in Singapore a few years ago’, she said. My new colleague shared that mathematics and science are not her expertise, so she let her child learn from the expert so they will do well in school.
  • Increased Good Study Habits
My child no longer crams for exams since they take extra classes in the subjects they are weak in, which makes me proud. They review the lessons they learn from school and tutor as soon as they get home.
  • Encourages Students to Ask Questions
Since a learning centre encourages their students to ask questions, my child is no longer shy to ask their teachers at school. They told me that they learned this from their English creative writing classes in Singapore. Given that English was not their first language, my child had to work twice as hard to grasp the English language. Asking questions helped them understand their lesson better.
  • Improve Academic Performance
Besides my child’s confidence, their grades increased! Teachers from this learning centre in Singapore monitor the students’ grades and make improvements to their lessons to help them get flying colours on exams, homework, and projects.
  • Smaller Classroom Size
Compared to an actual classroom, the students learning under the primary school programmes are fewer, which provides more attention to each student. My child learns that everyone has a different learning pace, so they will try their best not to be too hard on themselves.

Does Your Child Need To Take Extra Classes From A Learning Centre?

Enrolling your child to participate in primary school programmes would not be a bad idea. Doing so should help solidify their knowledge and hone their skills, which will have them acquire a good standing at school. You may contact The Junior Leaders Learning Centre at 6285 5181 (Potong Pasir)/6214 2282 (Pasir Ris)/ 9680 7919 (Tampines North), leave a message on their website or drop by one of their branches if you are interested in sending your child at this learning centre in Singapore.
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