Say you have finished chiropractic school and are looking for the first steps in creating a list of loyal customers. Where do you start? How do you find them? How do you guarantee that you will keep them? We have a couple of ideas. Here are 5 tactics to acquire new chiropractic clients:

  1. Establish An Online Presence – During this digital age, it is crucial for your business to have it’s own dedicated website with solid chiropractor seo marketing. It not only makes it easier for customers to find you, but through your website’s many pages they will learn more about how your company will benefit them. Make sure your company is active on social media as well, as your potential clientele most likely uses Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn regularly.
  2. Invest In Advertising – Whether it be print or online advertising, this is a great way to make your chiropractic operation more visible. By investing in advertisements, you are putting your name in front of more people, increasing the likelihood of growing your client base.
  3. Have Local Businesses Promote You – The best way to do this is by appealing to businesses within or similar to your niche. When you have licensed doctors, local gyms, and physical therapists promoting your chiropractic business, it will add a lot of credibility to your practice and therefore draw more customers in.
  4. Discounts/Coupons – This gives a special thank you to current customers while bringing new ones in as well. This appeals to new clientele because it displays the generous nature of your company, and that gives them something to come back to.
  5. Attend Chiropractic Conventions – Going to these events are excellent in terms of gaining exposure. These events are great because it gets your name out to your target audience that you know is going to be interested in this field.
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