If you are currently looking at financial PR jobs in London and are unsure whether to apply, you will be happy to learn that today we are here to assist you, and will be providing a wealth of information regarding financial communications jobs for all to consider.

The financial services industry presents a wide range of opportunities for talented communications and PR professionals, with the industry requiring marketers, public relation practitioners, writers, editors, traffic managers, designers, art directors, videographers, video editors, website developers, social media staff and researchers.

Job Requirements for Careers within Financial Communications

Financial communications is a great industry for many people to work within, however the following things really can give applicants an advantage over their competitors:

  • The ability to produce content is an important quality for people to work within the financial communications industry to hold, showing that they can share their knowledge in the best formats
  • College and university degrees are highly advantageous with some companies now only taking staff on whom hold degrees
  • Experience is deemed important and those that do not yet have any should consider volunteering to show their desire to work in financial communications
  • Candidates that will consider internships are highly sought after, this shows that they want to gain hands-on experience and are not only willing to learn but want to learn

Anyone struggling to land a job in this industry should not give up – it is an incredibly enjoyable and rewarding industry to work in and although it can be hard to get in to, is so worth it. Anyone currently struggling should consider the following advice:

  • Consider getting a degree. Even if you already have a degree, you could consider getting another. An advanced master’s degree is a highly attractive quality for any candidate to hold and really can give individuals the advantage
  • Never stop learning. You should never stop learning about the financial communications industry, it Is an industry that is ever changing and that you need to keep up with. You should build up a network of professional and mentors within the industry.
  • You need to be active constantly even when out of work, following all of the industry’s latest trends and learning about new products that come to the market.

Top Tip: one of the most important tips for individuals looking to land the best jobs in Financial Communications is to use a specialist recruitment agency who often have contacts within some of the best financial communications organisations.

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