To pick up a new language easily for your child, there are a range of tips and tricks to help them with their progress. Learning a new language is a big part of a child’s ability to think in new ways, discover different cultures, and have a new way of speaking under their belt.

In helping your child learn a new language, here are some tips shared from this independent school in North London.

Learn the language alongside your child

To pick up the language in the best way your child can, it will be a huge help to them if you work with them. If your child is learning French, then pick an adult’s class near you to see how you can help them in your own way. Alternatively, try out some online lessons, or pick up a book to see where you can take your learning.

Try out apps and games

To gamify an experience for a child will make them feel really invested in their progress, while having plenty of fun at the same time. There are a range of apps out there designed for children, and adults willing to pick up a lesson or two, to make the process more fun and engaging. It can also reinforce what a child has learned in the classroom and have another way of practicing their skills.

Explore different language media

From television programmes to music, films and reading material – it can all aid a child’s growth in their chosen language. Having regular exposure to a language can often come in the form of listening to a language intently and hearing it casually. It can help a child learn about different accents and dialects, and help them to pronounce those difficult words. Children can also learn about different cultures, experiences and traditions from the country (or countries, if the language is spoken in multiple places) they’re learning the language of.

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