Every year we see students creating new records by scoring really well in competitive exams like IIT JEE, NEET, BITSAT, etc.. Today it’s become super competitive out there where students are required to perform and display their caliber at all times. Every student wants their preparation to be on point and to do so they enroll in various courses and institutes that promise to get them amazing grades. Some might prefer to study on their own completely with the help of learning videos and apps.

Students practice for these exams, by solving mock test papers or going through various question banks to get a grip of the questions and many times they come across questions that seem to be unsolvable or they might have the solution but lack the knowledge about the steps required to derive it in a particular way. At such times one can either reach out to a teacher to get it solved or save time and look it up online with the help of any doubt clear app available for smartphones such as Kunduz. It’s a one of a kind app, which allows users to ask any doubt and get a personalized solution within a few minutes.

Basically, in this app, you have to click the picture of the question and you can scan and solve your doubt within 15-30mins. Not only doubts, but you can also ask anything related to your syllabus and they will guide you. Till now this is the best app out there.

Try it once. This doubt-solving app also provides access to solutions for questions from various textbooks. They have question banks filled with examples and reference questions. Moreover, this app has tutors to teach and solve your doubts regarding concepts for major exams such as ICSE, JEE, NEET, and you can even get board exam-related solutions like icse or cbse solutions. Students can download the app and can learn with these best teachers. Not only this, one can book a personal tutoring session, wherein the tutor will assist the students from an online portal and the student can attend these sessions right from the comfort of their home. These tutors are assigned based on your compatibility and the sessions are made flexible according to your needs.

To ensure complete student fulfillment, users can interact with these tutors to better understand the solution provided. Students can have their doubts cleared for the following; science-related doubts- chemistry, physics, or biology and even complex math doubts involving algebra, geometry, and trigonometry, solutions for all are available here on this app.

Technology has truly made life easier with the competition getting harder day by day. Today with the introduction of technology in education, there are many new unexplored advantages available for learning and doubt clearing which has made it very convenient and easy for all the students and with no pressure.

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