Monash University has a consistent ranking among the top 100 universities globally and is also included among the Group of Eight for its extensive research. If you’ve got admission into this prestigious university, that’s great news! The next step is to find comfortable student housing near Monash Uni. You could either do that by yourself or take the help of professional student accommodation services that will search for just the right rental for you. But before you do that, here are some things you should check.

  1. Location of the Property

Monash University is located on Wellington Road in Melbourne with Peninsula, Clayton, Caulfield, and Parkville campuses. You should stay somewhere close for optimum comfort and convenience. For instance, if you study on its Caulfield campus, South Yarra is a perfect choice. Visit their website or call and ask them about their property’s locations and how far they are from the university. You could do some research and check the distance on Google Maps to get a rough idea. A short tram, bike or bus ride should be all the commuting you need to do!

  1. The Rent

Any reliable accommodation service will ask you to pay a week’s rent in advance, which will be your holding deposit. It will be regarded as your first rent payment once you confirm the booking. You might also have to pay a bond during the contract signing. The rental bond will be sent to the Residential Tenancies Bond Authority in Victoria, which will hold the amount in trust. They will return it to you once you vacate the property or deduct any amount in case of damage or unpaid rent at the end of the contract. You should inquire whether your rent will be increased and if they will notify you in advance. Another question that you should ask is the frequency of the rent payment or how often you will have to pay it.

  1. Kind of Facilities Available

Your stay should be a wonderful and relaxing one since you will be spending a lot of your off-campus time there. Some of the facilities that you should look for in the accommodation are unlimited high-speed WiFi, security measures including CCTV cameras, parking facilities and onsite support at all times.

  1. Know the Property Rules

It is better to be clear beforehand regarding the property rules and what happens if any damage occurs. In the usual circumstance, you will have to compensate for any damages to the property, but the amount may vary depending on the item in question. Even though the Rental Laws of Victoria will govern most tenancy rules, individual properties may have their own rules in addition.

  1. Cancellation Policy

Before renting an accommodation, know about the cancellation policy. In case you find another staying option, or there’s a change in plans, will you be required to pay the rent due or not? What will be the cancellation fee, and what documents you must provide before the lease commencement date?

It’s good to avail of professional student accommodation services while searching for student housing. However, you should do thorough research by asking the right questions, including the above information.

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