Maths is never an easy subject, at least for some people. Some kids struggle with maths and subjects that involve solving numbers. A math tuition centre in Singapore helps overcome this struggle. But how will you know if your kid is struggling with arithmetic?

Here are the signs that your kid is having difficulty with maths:

1. Lower grades in maths

Subject grades give numerical measurements of the performance. If your child’s grade in maths is significantly lower than in other subjects, it may indicate that your child is having a problem with maths.

A Hougang tuition centre can help improve your child’s performance at school by going through maths lessons your child has struggled with and explaining them more easily.

2. Negative comments in maths

Is your child airing frustrations on maths, such as by saying maths is too hard, or it is unimportant in everyday life? It may indicate that your kid is having difficulty with the subject.

An A maths tuition in Singapore breaks down maths lessons into smaller lectures to help kids grasp their fundamentals. The mastery of these fundamentals will help children understand the much trickier lessons in maths.

3. Having difficulties applying maths in real life

Is your child struggling to count money and change? How about reading an analogue clock? Is it hard for them to calculate the difference between their current and previous weight and height?

A primary math tuition centre in Singapore conducts activities that mimic the real-life application of maths in their activities. The kids will not get overwhelmed when faced with real-life maths problems.

4. Having difficulties with mental maths

Is your child still using fingers or drawing sticks when counting or performing basic operations, such as addition and subtraction?

An O level math tuitioncentre teaches students different approaches and ways to solve maths problems mentally. These techniques are helpful when the kids get older.

Don’t let your child suffer because of maths alone. Help them by enrolling them in amath tuition centre in Singapore.

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